Friday, January 15, 2010

Amazing Spider-Man #617 Reviews

All around the web, very positive Amazing Spider-Man #617 Reviews.
Whort is the Kelly's script and the Fiumara's art, but someone speaks about the colors:
"[...]Colorist Fabio D'Auria is also an interesting case here -- he manages to combine the more realistic hues of a Frank D'Armata, but manages to make them pop as loud as Laura Martin. It's great stuff.[...]"

I'm truly honored, D'Armata and Martin are 2 of my favorite colorist :)
"[...]D'Auria colors Fiumara's work with a style that is quite painterly, akin to watercolors in some spots. The color choices for the main story seem quite garish, but fitting, as a great deal of the story takes place at a casino.[...]

Yes, tthe location has greatly influenced the colors!
[...]Though it took a couple pages I really liked Max Fiumara’s artwork for the main story. Fiumara’s artwork was really good throughout as there was a fun energy to the art and his artwork especially look good when Spider-Man and Aleksei took on the new Rhino at the casino. And along with his colorist Fabio D’Auria who also did an incredible job with my favorite being the scene between Fiumara did a great job with the art in the final scene between Spider-Man and Aleksei as the art was packed with emotion.[...]