Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Let my fire...

Hi Guys!

This month you can see my color on Thunderbolts #156 book (only 6 pages) and on Amazing Spider-Man #658-660 for a three part story of Ghost Rider/Spider-Man couple, Story by Rob Williams and Art by Garbett & Sicat.

To avoid spoilers, I publish the same two pages published by Lee Garbett on his blog


Meanwhile in Italy:
Su Spider-Man 556 e 557 trovate le due parti (4 in origine) della storia sull'incontro mai narrato tra Kaine e Kraven (anteprima) scritto da J.M. DeMatteis coi disegni di Max Fiumara con l'aiuto di Emma Rios chiaramente colorate da me.

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