Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Anti-Venom #03 of 03

Zeb Wells Interview's on Newsarama

Mirco Pierfederici
WRITER: Zeb Wells
ART: Paulo Siqueira & Amilton Santos - Marco Checchetto
COLORED BY: Fabio D'Auria
LETTERED BY: Dave Lanphear

DUCK AND COVER! It’s Anti-Venom and Punisher vs. one of the largest, most powerful and most ruthless drug cartels on the planet. Our money’s on the guys with the biggest guns…and the skulls on their chests. Zeb Wells & Paulo Siqueira deliver the senses-shattering conclusion to NEW WAYS TO LIVE! Rated T …$3.99

PRICE: 3.99
IN STORES: December 16, 2009


Max Fiumara said...

Hi Fabio! I love these colors of the Anti Venom. Really climatic, love the tones, the blues and greens, suit!
Can't wait to see your current work on Spidey ASM #617 To be more specific ;)

Fabio D'Auria said...

Ciao Max!
Really thanks you!
I hope you like the 617 pages, I really enjoying to color them!

Ketty Formaggio said...

imparo, imparo, imparo!! ^___^
Sei sempre una grande fonte di ispirazione.

fe said...

Eh che cazzo, ogni volta rimango sempre più colpito dai tuoi lavori...
complimenti, come sempre! :)
Ne approfitto per farti gli auguri di buon Natale!
A presto!

Fabio D'Auria said...

Ciao Ketty!
Ciao Fede!
Grazie ad entrambi e auguri a voi :)